When I open the doors to the Bell Tower Community Cafe on a Friday night, something special happens. 

I feel it when I see people serving and enjoying a delicious meal, shared together by everyone. 

I feel it when I hear the musicians sharing their gifts on stage, and when I see the audience singing, clapping or just closing their eyes to listen. 

I feel it when I watch two people walk together choosing food that one of them will take home. 

I see the creation of a powerful community each and every time. 

The Bell Tower provides food hampers and a community meal. But you and I know it’s so much more than a foodbank, it’s a community where people meet each other’s needs. It’s a community that knows that everyone has something to offer. It’s a group of people working for a more food secure Winnipeg, taking the first step by sharing a common meal together. 

I’m so grateful for the generous support you’ve provided to the Bell Tower. Your kindness has made the last nine years possible.  But we need your help to keep this community going in the new year. 

We need to raise $12,000 to cover the cost for another year of the Bell Tower Community Cafe. You can donate safely online here: https://fundly.com/bell-tower-2023

Donations can also be made through Canada Helps online here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/108202425RR0001-westminster-united-church/

Your gifts will make sure we can have another year of enjoying cozy bowls of soups and chilli. Another year of barbeques, sitting together on the lawn sharing a meal of hot dogs and salads. 

And another year of making sure families in our community have enough to eat. Something we all know was made even harder this year with rising prices. 

Your support has kept us going in the past, and I’m hoping we can count on you again. 

Times are tight for a lot of us this year, so I totally understand if you’re not able to make a gift right now. But if you’re able, I’d be so grateful for any amount you can give. Just click this link to make a quick and easy donation online. 

As we approach the holidays and the new year, I want you to know I’m grateful for you. Whether you come for a meal, share your music, drop off meals or donate financially, I’ll be heading into the holidays thankful for you and your place in this community.