We are looking to hire a new co-ordinator! The Bell Tower is able to pop up every other Friday with the support of a great team of volunteers. The co-ordinator’s primary role is to work with this wonderful volunteer team: develop and support current the volunteers, train and recruit new volunteers and organize the operations of Friday evenings at the Bell Tower. There are four main things the new co-ordinator will be responsible for: Winnipeg Harvest food deliveries and organization of hamper foods, volunteer relations, set up of the second floor cafe, and co-leading the operations of the Bell Tower on Friday nights. The role requires Friday afternoon availability.

We are looking for people who are passionate about building community in Winnipeg and eager to tackle issues of food security in our city.

If you are interested in the job or want to learn more, please contact Meaghan Pauls at meaghanpauls@belltowercommunitycafe.org or 204-250-6768. I would love to hear from you.